Building on Your Own Land In Greater Houston

When you are looking for a new home and can’t find what you want in the current inventory of under construction or pre-owned homes in your area, building on your own land may be the way to provide you with the perfect home and where you want to live. Whether you already own a lot or are ready to start looking for one with the views, acreage, or location you want, RVision Homes, Greater Houston’s premier custom home builder, is ready to help guide you through our process.


The Challenges Of Building On Your Own Land

Building on an undeveloped lot, while being the ideal solution to having the life you want where you want it, has its own challenges. The price for the land may seem reasonable but preparing the site for building can require a multitude of expensive permits, followed by costly operations to prepare the site for building. For example, the lot may need:

– Site evaluations to make sure your lot is suitable for the home you want to build
– Removal of trees, vegetation, and debris
– Extensive earth moving and grading to create a flat spot for the house and assure drainage for adjacent land
– Soil removal when foundations are dug or hills leveled
– Creating access roads and temporary driveway to enter the site
– Adding utilities that are not in place

Are you ready to enter the maze of costs and regulations?

Custom Home Building Made Simple At RVision Homes

While building on your own lot may involve many challenges, prospective homebuyers in the Greater Houston area have help available at RVision homes. Owned by experienced builder Ryan Rogers who has 25 years of experience in residential real estate and construction experience in over 150 communities in the area, RVision can help you navigate the complex world of custom home construction. We realize that having a home built involves more than making design choices about room layouts and materials used; selecting affordable land that is right for your home is a major part of the process that most potential home builders are unfamiliar with.

By offering free monthly Build On Your Land (BOYL) seminars, RVision thoroughly prepares you for it the home building journey you will take when you build a home. We explain the three components of land cost, site evaluation, and design customization that are a part of every construction process. RVision works with lenders who know our reputation for excellence and who will issue the loan at traditional rates with low closing costs.

Call RVision Today

Our goal at RVision Homes is to make custom home ownership affordable to a broader range of buyers. Whether you already own your land or are just in the planning stage of land acquisition before building your home, we invite you to attend one of our Saturday BOYL seminars, where our home building specialists will familiarize you with what is really involved with custom home building. To sign up, fill out our website form , call us at (281) 844-2887, or email us at