Choose A Plan, We Buy The Land

Our trademarked Choose A Plan, We Buy the Land (CAP) is a very unique, innovative program RVision Homes has developed.  Rather than a construction loan required by nearly all custom builders, CAP gives individuals who do not own land the opportunity to build a custom home using traditional financing. Plus, we will evaluate the land at no charge!

Get started with our CAP program in 5 easy steps:

  1. capSchedule an appointment with one of our BOYL Specialist by calling 281-844-2887 or emailing
  2. Together, we locate your land and design your floor plan
  3.  Visit with your BOYL Specialist about the best lending institutions who will save you thousands at closing.
  4. We buy your land and build your custom home
  5. Close and Move in

No catch- It is truly that easy. Call us today & let’s find your land!