I wanted to send you both and your RVision Team a thank you letter for our wonderful new home! I wanted to send this sooner but between moving in, unpacking, work and our little girl starting Kindergarten time is something we have been short on. We have been in our home now a little over 30 days and we can’t say enough how happy we are in it! When we first signed up we had no idea what to expect and honestly have heard from many others that “Building a home is so stressful”. I can say that our experience was far from stressful, and a huge part of that was Chris. Working with Chris was great, whenever we had questions or concerns he was quick to respond and if he wasn’t able to answer it he went and found the answer or referred me to the correct person within the RVison team. He would always be sure to explain the building process we were in and what we should expect in the next phase either via email or phone calls he and I would have. This helped us greatly as we would often come to the house late after work and inspect the progress being made. So knowing what to expect to be in progress and what was coming next was very helpful to us. This allowed us to come visit the house in the construction phase at the right times so that we didn’t have to make daily trips to the house to see progress. Today we finished up our 30-day warranty items, mainly touch up paint and a few other small items, but again Chris was able to schedule them quickly and in a timely manner to ensure I could be available to see them completed!

Through the process of building I wanted to also note that the other team members were very helpful and informative along the way. Transitioning to Scott after Jimmy left was a huge concern for us as we were worried things would fall between the cracks but Scott quickly got up to speed and ensured everything ran smoothly. Scott was also great as he made it easy for change orders as well as when we would come out on the weekends to ask
questions or get bids for possible changes. He was always super helpful and happy to see us as well as call us by name so it was personal for us.
Amanda was a huge help with many of my questions in the beginning around payments, what’s covered and what wasn’t as well as getting all the needed permits and documents to build. She was also a huge help with finishing out the building process and making sure we had everything we needed. Last but not least Denise was so helpful with the draws on the loan, getting me the documentation and spread sheet to track what was spent. I should also mention that our construction loan officer with Origin bank was very pleased with Denise as well and mentioned that working with her was very easy. She wished other builders were more like RVision with the draws.

We have referred many people to RVision, either through running into people walking through the house during its construction or friends, family and coworkers asking who our builder was. Also my parents bought their TGR lot at the same time we did and they hope to build sometime next year after they sell their current home. Once they are to that stage we will be sure to take them over to see Scott and team so that hopefully RVision can build their next home.

Thank You Again and Please Be Sure to Pass Along Our Thanks to the Team!

Eric and Rolanda Fossler