A proud RVision home owner April 2019, my wife and I couldn’t be more happy
in our decision to have RVision be the builder of our dream home.

We made our decision in early 2018 to look for land and have our dream home
built. First step was to find a builder and I was fortunate that my sister
had a house built by RVision, which she was pleased with and happy with the
way her home turned out . All builders you pick these days will have
missteps and problems during the building process so I asked my sister the
important question, did they address them and she said she was very happy
with the response and how things got resolved. Knowing my sister, having an
eye for detail and perfection.

We made the decision to go with RVision without going to any other builder
and I can say I am totally satisfied with them and our decision.

From picking the plan for our home to getting minor fixes after moving in,
we are totally satisfied.

During building we noticed some items that were not what we expected, so we
would have meetings with RVision. What impressed me was how they listened
and offered ideas to resolve the issues and made sure we were happy. On one
issue, Justin, one of the managers, made suggestions that my wife and I
could agree on, we felt the issue had been resolved which made us all very
happy. All promises made in that meeting were kept.

One person I was glad was part of the team, was our our site manager,
Chris, he kept us informed durning building process, which can be
overwhelming! If Chris saw an issue he would make suggestions. I can say
that all suggestions he recommended and we approved came out better than we
expected. Just before closing we had our final walk through with Chris, he
is very detail oriented and would point out things that needed to be
corrected that we had not noticed. All items on the list were taken care of
before the final sign off. After closing RVision gave us a sheet to make
notes on things that we noticed that needed further attention and at the
end of 30 days of moving we were asked to returned it to them. Once we
turned it in, Chris came to the house the next day and reviewed the items.
He informed us that RVision requires him to have all items taken care of
within two weeks. Not only did they take care of the items on the sheet but
also did touch ups on walls and running boards that had damage as the
result of the move in. Chris is an awesome site manager, who in spite of
having so many homes to manage, he was able to give us the attention we
needed and help us resolve issues to make our custom home a beautiful

The house turned out better than we expected and all our friends, family,
neighbors and even workers who come into the house, give us complements on
how beautiful the house turned out! RVision is a great company and most of
all they have a great group of people. I could not be happier to have had
the pleasure to work with them.

Proud RVision home owners

Rene and Araceli Palomo