RVision Homes Build On Your Land Reviews

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We love helping our customers turn their dream home into a reality and guiding them through the process is our specialty. Learn about the experience of building your home with RVision Homes from our customers!

"I wanted to write this review because I know there are a lot of women out there like me who have been overwhelmed with trying to select an honest builder to build my your home on property. I researched builders for nine months and met with 11 separate homebuilders. What a mess, you talk about the shell game, every builder had a separate gimmick. Some had allowances... allowances... that was an experience, who has 30 hours a week to drive around Houston only to find out...anything good wasn't "in our allowance" it was extra, and extra. Everything. Some builders gave us a price for our site improvements [never visiting our homesite] They said this was anowance. more nonsense and no fixed pricing.....now I was really frustrated and about to give up. My husband heard from a golf buddy that he used RVision Homes to build and was over complimentary...of course we were very skeptical but agreed to go to on of their build on your lot seminars. Gretchen one of the owners hosted the seminar. They had a person there to explain site costs as well as a very genuine lady named Heather from the mortgage company. We felt at home the moment we walked in the door. Turnkey builder...they do everything from provide you with a fixed price site evaluation to work with the lender to get your loan approved. We cannot say enough about the processes. If you want to narrow your builder search, we highly recommend you put RVision in your early search."
G. Pendergrass
"The entire team at RVision Homes is amazing. Great group of people!"
M. Hines
"Happy with our custom home. Great quality builder. Asked for many adjustments and they accommodated."
Jordan P.
"RVision is a wonderful group to work with. They take your ideas and dreams, and offer ideas that you may have never thought about. They are very knowledgeable of the industry, communicate throughout the process, and truly take ownership in your goals and dreams, as though they are their own. We have referred them to some of our clients and love the work they do and feel comfort that they take good care of those we have sent to them."
John R. Bach